„FOOOOTBALLLL” – the final event

September 20, 2012 in Veronika Tzekova

Veronika Tzekova „FOOOOTBALLLL”

Sunday, 23 September 2012, 12:00 AM, admissions free
„FOOOOTBALLLL” – the final event of Veronika Tzekova’s residency
Venue: sports field near the Peace Bell at Cytadela, Poznan

„FOOOOTBALLLL” is a land art installation coming in the shape of outdoors game. The shape of the playground is achieved from the basis of the original football field to which perpendicularly is added a second identical one. The ball remains one, the new configuration of the game results in the number of teams being doubled and there are now four goal lines instead of two. The possibilities to score are tripled as are the number of opponents. The level of difficulty is increased but so are the opportunities.

The game field is to be produced in the original size and proportion of a football field (though size and medium used can be adjusted to a particular site) and installed as piece of landscape art that can also function as a game in public space in  natural surroundings.
Veronika Tzekova’s „FOOOOTBALLLL” project is a part of the „Challenged Games” cycle, a series of games designed by the artist, based on the already existing and familiar ones and fusing conceptual art and design.

„Challenged Games” are suggestive forms of play with routine, common rules and knowledge and the status quo. Popular and familiar games and toys are rediscovered, transformed beyond the infra ordinary and introduced so to challenge the public intelligence and social interactivity. Through upcycling the very base of learning tools such as games and toys, memory and habituation are reshuffled, so to open new horizons for individual emotional and noetic experiences, infuse unbridled creativity and change the mind setup, behavior and response patterns on a daily basis.

The project is a part of Veronika Tzekova’s residency wthih the International Artists In Residence Programme (MPRA) in Poznan.