„LUCK” – Liliana Basarab’s final exhibition

November 13, 2012 in Liliana Basarab

Opening night: Thursday, 22 November 2012, 6:00 PM
Exhibition: 22 November 2012 – 29 November 2012
Venue: Kluboksięgarnia GŁOŚNA, ul. Św. Marcin 30/8-9, Poznan

„LUCK” is Liliana Basarab’s latest project, which examines how various sayings and phrases related to the concept of luck may be transposed into paintings. An incessant recycling of symbols has always marked Liliana’s works, pushing her to find ways to transpose abstract ideas into visual imagery. Although her ideas are constantly changing, they stay similar, which makes them an outcome of a long process of artistic creation.

An opening day of the Liliana Basarab’s exhibition took place in club – bookstore Głośna. It was the final event of her artistic residence in Poland during which her paintings were presented. All these paintings came into existence during the realization of the project in Poznań. Below you can see some pictures from the exhibition: 4-7 Katarzyna Hoffman, 8-11 Magdalena Frankiewicz.

Liliana Basarab is a Rumanian sculptor, multimedia, video, performance and installation artist. Her works have been exhibited in France, Germany and the USA. In 2005, she presented her works in Pzonan, and a year later collaborated with PawełAlthamer during a two-week workshop.Basarab‘s work centers around symbols, their recycling and reimagining to transpose them from abstract notions to visual imagery. She focuses on searching and discovering new meanings as well as direct action, which makes cooperation with local communities and interpersonal relations a vital aspect of her projects.