Things That Don’t Resemble Us

May 25, 2012 in Alaina Kantarjiana, Angelo Romano, Workshops

On Monday 28 May 2012 at 5.00 PM, we invite you to a lecture „The Daoura people – a community in limbo”, based on a research project carried out in Beirut. The lecture will take place in Kamienica Sztuki, Garbary 101/111 the Old Slaughterhouse (Stara Rzeźnia), building C. Admission is free.

On Alain Kantarjian’s Photographic Practice

Despite its heterogeneous and diverse character, the photographic work of Alain Kantarjian essentially talks about subjects that are less accessible and on the margin, or even on the backside of society, subjects on the threshold between the visible and the invisible. This interest in things that don’t resemble us or for ‘alterity’ can concern individuals within their social environment like the people of the port of Daoura who live on the brink of Beirut. This local community is hard to describe demographically as the mix of migrant workers, refugees, fishermen, and sexually ambivalent, gay and transvestite youth are neither a coherent group nor a mix of unrelated individuals. Their common denominator correspondes to more than the geography of the port area named Daoura, for example to their joint dwelling  and life conditions on the periphery of administration, bureaucracy and societal law. Nevertheless, the mix and simultaneity of such a vast array of different individual backgrounds, biographies, trajectories seems so improbable that one is tempted to wonder if this ‘community’ is even real. Or could it be a fictional account of an imagined ‘counter-culture’? Documentary photography here seems turned upside down, and its presupposed access to the real as well as its promise to document the existing world suspended. Read the rest of this entry →