Open Call for proposals for V4 Residencies

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Photo: Lukasz Zandecki

Call for artists from the Czech Republic, the Republic of Hungary, and the Slovak Republic.
Deadline for applications: 22 August 2012

Early to mid-career artists from the Czech Republic, the Republic of Hungary, and the Slovak Republic are invited to apply.
Three-month long residencies beginning in May and September, 2013

During their residency residents will work on the project described in their proposal, approved by the MPRA at the time of inviting them to participate in the programme. It is important that this was a project of local importance and potential impact on an international scale, which is in relationship with the place of residence. Residents also participate in the programme of events designed for residencies.

What we offer:
1. A monthly stipend (subject to successful funding applications).
2. A welcome pack with everything from local maps, guide books, local transport guide, orientation, list of the the latest openings, takeways, first points of contacts in case of emergency, etc.
3. English and Polish speaking translators (basic translation on the phone/email + translations during MPRA events)
4. Care of the local coordinator (part-time) incl. introduction to Polish culture, food, local art scene, local artists, galerists, and other art professionals, etc., up to date information on exhibition openings, concerts, plays and other occasions.
5. Programme of visits to galleries, museums, meetings with students, artists, curators and other members of the Poznan world of art) organized by MPRA staff and volunteers
6. Accommodation
7. A profile on MPRA website
8. Promotion in media
9. Exhibition space for the final event/exhibition
10. Access to local collections, galleries, libraries
11. Art professionals who apply to participate in MPRA programme can apply for a ‘work space’. If so, this must be indicated in the proposal. Resident’s technical requirements must be clearly indicated in order to enable us make decision if providing a resident with access to an adequate studio + introductory technical assistance (first day) + help in sourcing art materials is possible
12. Publication – a chapter in an annual residency catalogue (a resident is responsible to provide MPRA with a text and photographs)

What we expect:
1. Resident works on the project specified in the proposal sent to and accepted by MPRA
2 . At least once every two weeks Resident publishes something on the MPRA blog
3. Resident conveys a lecture/presentation to students and general public
4. Resident leads 3 workshops (i.e. one workshop per month) – details to be discussed
5. Resident takes part a Crit. Session/ ‘In Conversation’ event
6. Resident provides MPRA director with relevant materials for an MPRA annual catalogue
7. Residents will need to cover their living expenses including food and transportation, costs of travel, visa, insurance and materials needed for work and final exhibition.*
*In case we do not secure funding to cover costs of the residency the residency may be cancelled or we may need to re-discuss its conditions (e.g. set up a fee up to £925 per month/person or reduce our offer).
MPRA staff will assist any applicant who wishes to apply for outside funding with any ‘in-kind-costings’ or administrative support.

If you are interested please send your proposal to Dobrochna Futro to by 22nd of August 2012.
Proposal (in English, in pdf format) should include:
1. Documentation of selected works /a link to your website
2. Description of your residency project + technical reader – i.e. how you will use time spent in Poznan, what would you like to achieve and what will be needed to make it happen (so we can help you to find right places, people, materials, etc.)
3. Artist’s / curator’s / manager’s/ educator’s etc. statement
4. CV
5. Preferred time of residency: a) preferred b) alternative option
6. ‘Work space’ application if needed. Resident’s technical requirements must be clearly indicated.

* In July our residency will coincide with Malta Street Theatres Festival in Poznań. More details about the Festival can be found here:
* The October residency will coincide with The Big Draw – a month long celebration of drawing initiated and coordinated by the Campaign for Drawing. We are very keen to implement it in Poland. This is a particularly good opportunity for educators and project managers. More details about the Big Draw can be found here: and at the very end of this document.
* In November our residency will coincide with NO WOMEN NO ART Festival in Poznań. We are particularly encouraging female artists to send proposals related to the theme of the festival – in 2011 a successful candidate was offered an opportunity to exhibit at the Festival. More details about the Festival can be found here:

1. Intellectual property (pertains to the proposal i.e. text and images sent to us in response to the call above)
Participants are responsible for the originality and authorship of the project proposals they present, and they must guarantee that they legitimately hold all intellectual property rights to the same. In this sense, they guarantee Nastawnia Association’s peaceful use of them and are expressly exempt from any responsibility for damage and/or harm that Nastawnia’s lack of compliance with this guarantee could entail, directly or indirectly.
The authors (or those who hold such rights from the original author) cede to Nastawnia the exploitation and image rights around the world for all or part of the various components of the proposal for purposes related to the residency programme.
In the event that participants are legal persons presenting themselves as holders of intellectual property rights without being the material authors of the projects submitted, they must provide documentary evidence of authorisation as well as the cession of rights obtained in their favour from the material author.
Applicants expressly authorise Nastawnia to use their names in the manner it sees fit within the purposes of this call.
Modifications to the project can be requested if necessary and if MPRA deems it appropriate.
2. Data protection. The participants agree that the personal data provided under this call can be processed in data files of a personal nature (participants in contests, contracting and invoicing) owned by Nastawnia with the aim of managing this call. The rights to access, rectify, cancel or oppose these data can be exercised at Madalińskiego 11/12, 61-509 Poznań, Poland.
3. Image rights of the participants
The participants recognise that they, elements of their application or their works may appear in images (photographs, videos, etc.) taken during the residency to be later spread through informational or promotional actions, and authorise their use.
4. Acceptance of the rules. The participants accept these rules by the mere fact of making a submission for this call.
5. Conflict resolution
To resolve any issue or controversy arising from this call, you must write to MPRA with the intention that both parties can reach an amicable solution.
Any disputes between the Parties which cannot be settled amicably and which concern interpretation or legal effects of any of the provisions of this contract shall be resolved exclusively by a competent common court in Poznań.
Deadline for applications: 22 August 2012

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