Preparing for the first residents

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Sinead Bhreathnach Cashell, 'Sailing By', improvised-public-action-part-of-bbeyond-monthly-performance-meetings-with-special-guest-kurt-johanson-st-anns-square-belfast-march-2011 photo taken by Kasia Pagel courtesy: Bbeyond

Sinéad Bhreathnach-Cashell is an artist, educator and curator from Northern Ireland. Her particular interests are everyday life and space in every meaning of the word, regarded as a starting point for her artistic activity. C frequently involves the audience in her actions, turning them into an unique game between the people and their environment where the everyday elements of reality change in surprising ways to show the world as a much more complex place than the one we are used to.

Since graduating from the Belfast univestiy, Sinéad Bhreathnach-Cashell has worked in the UK, Ireland, Iceland, Canada, Uruguay, Chile, and China.

During her November residency, the artist will work on various projects, including “The Cardboard Cities”. An exhibition under this title will be a part of her MPRA residency as well as the No Women No Art   festival and will include free workshops for children and adults. They will be run by the artist in collaboration with Architecture, Urban Planning, and Design students.

Sinéad Bhreathnach-Cashell has held a similar workshop in Belfast. Photos from the event can be seen on the website and a film documenting the workshop is available here: and

Kathryn Ashill on Radio Cardiff

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Kathryn Ashill

Kathryn Ashill

Nasza rezydentka na 2012 rok, Kathryn Ashill, omówi swoje najnowsze pomysły i przedsięwzięcia w Radio Cardiff we wtorek 13 września! “Pitch”, cotygodniowy program o sztuce, trwa od 10.00 do 11.00 (wg czasu brytyjskiego) na  98.7FM, a w sieci mozna go znaleźć na Dostępne są również wieczorne powtórki!

First residents have been chosen

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 Congratulations to our first residents!

Our first residents will be:


Sinéad B Cashell

Sinéad Bhreathnach-Cashell is an artist, curator and educator based in Belfast (Northern Ireland). Since she graduated  in 2007  from University of Ulster her works were seen in Northern Ireland, Ireland, England and Scotland, China and in Venice during the 53 Biennale of Art. She has also participated in artist exchanges in Canada, Chile, China, Iceland, Ireland and Uruguay.  Her practice includes interactive installations; collaborations; drawing; performance and curating.  

In her work Sinéad uses play to question the impact of habits and compliance on our capacity to create new responses. She investigates how our surroundings shape how we experience, explore, investigate, manipulate and think. Her work is generated by a direct response to and observations from her surroundings and their social contexts. Treating play as a way of expression Sinéad transforms the world into a playground full of adventure, where everything and everyone, including  herself, is treated as potential objects of play. Residents of places where Sinéad carries out her spatial interventions are invited to share enjoyment and experience, as well as their skills and knowledge.

Hannah Champion

Hannah Champion, artist and philosopher who lives in Dundee (Scotland) where she graduated from the Duncan of Jordanstone Art College. She also studied at the Staatliche Akademie der BildendenKünste Karlsruhe, Germany. Her works have been shown and performed in the UK, Germany and in Venice during the 53 Art Biennale.

Hannah in her artistic practice is concerned with representations of women within cultural media and general society. Displacing and recycling images from the media, she invites her audience to reconsider and rethink these images. Her work provokes accepted norms and investigates ways in which gender normalisation can be resisted. By primarily using film and photography within her work, she question the medium used to promote certain gender roles within society itself. In her  performances she uses the body physically in order to transcend gendered boundaries.


Björn Drenkwitz

Björn Drenkwitz, an artist born in 1978 in Frankfurt, studied  Theory of drama, media and movie at Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University, in Frankfurt,  and Media art and photography at  Mainz School of Arts with Prof. Dieter Kiessling. His 2011 exhibitions include: “Sztuka_V,” Frankfurt, “4 Festival of Young Art”, Beijing, China, “∞” 1822 Forum, Frankfurt, “AUP” Kopfbau, Basel, Switzerland


Kathryn Ashill

Kathryn Ashill is practicing artist based in Cardiff. The artist graduated from the Swansea Metropolitan University in 2007. Since then her work has been included in a number of exhibitions, she performed widely in the UK, but also in Spain and Italy.  Her work concentrates on her physical interpretations of her surroundings that culminate in live actions (documented through photography and film). Collaboration is a key element to the artists work as her performances focus around social interaction and interventions.


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MPRA announces an Open Call for proposals for V4 Residencies, part of its International Artist in Residence Programme in Poznań, Poland.

For artists from the Czech Republic, the Republic of Hungary, and the Slovak Republic. Deadline for applications: 22 August 2011

Early to mid-career artists from the Czech Republic, the Republic of Hungary, and the Slovak Republic are invited to apply.

2011 – one month long residency in December, 2011
2012 – three month long residencies beginning in January, April, July and October, 2012
Deadline for applications: 22 August 2011

(photography by Lukasz Zandecki)

During their residency residents will work on the project described in their proposal, approved by the MPRA at the time of inviting them to participate in the programme. It is important that this was a project of local importance and potential impact on an international scale, which is in relationship with the place of residence. Residents also participate in the programme of events designed for residencies.

Highlights of the programme:
1. Welcome Party
2. Getting to know Poznań (incl. visits to galleries, museums, meetings with students, artists, curators and other members of the Poznan world of art) organized by MPRA staff and volunteers
3. Lecture, presentation or See & Talk session, during which residents present on their previous works/ professional activities. It is followed by Q&A session. Subsequently a stage is taken over one by one by relevant professionals from Poznan. This exchange of experience is followed by public discussion.
4. ‘Open Studio’ event / ‘In Conversation with …’ – on a residency project
5. Workshop conducted by a resident (subject, material, age group and form to be agreed)
6. Final event – Exhibition / Performance / Other
7. Publication of the annual residency catalogue

What we offer:
1. Airport pickup
2. A welcome packet with everything from local maps, guide books, local transport guide, orientation, list of the the latest openings, takeways, first points of contacts in case of emergency, etc.
3. Translators on call (basic service over the phone)
4. Care of the local coordinator (part-time) incl. introduction to Polish culture, food, local art scene, local artists, galerists, and other art professionals, etc., up to date information on exhibition openings, concerts, plays and other occasions
5.Access to a studio (resident’s technical requirements need to be discussed and agreed before the residency starts) + introductory technical assistance (first day)+ help in sourcing art materials
6. Accommodation in a 2 or 4 bedroom flat close to the city centre (incl. Internet access, hot water, fridge, gas cooker, CD/Radio, washing machine, heating, furnishings and linen.) Please be aware you will share the flat with another resident, also there is no cleaning service during the residency.
7. Half-board (1 main meal /a day 5 days a week)
8. A profile on MPRA website created and maintained by MPRA staff
9. Promotion in the media
10. Exhibition space for the final event/exhibition
11. Publication – chapter in an annual residency catalogue (a resident is responsible to provide MPRA staff with a text and photographs )

What we expect:
1. Resident works on the project specified in the proposal sent to and accepted by MPRA
2 . At least once a week Resident publishes something on the MPRA blog
3. Resident conveys a lecture/presentation/take part in a Crit. session (details to be discussed)
4. Resident leads a workshop for children/teenagers/adults (details to be discussed)
5. Resident is present to answer questions from the public during an ‘Open Studio’ or ‘In Conversation’ event.
6. Resident provides MPRA staff with relevant materials for an MPRA annual catalogue
7. Resident covers costs of their own maintenance, travel, visa, insurance and materials needed for work and final exhibition.

*In case we do not secure funding to cover costs of the residency the residency may be cancelled or we may need to re-discuss its conditions (e.g. set up a fee up to £925 per month/person or reduce our offer).

Once a proposal is accepted the applicant will be eligible to apply for MPRA funding , however, we are strongly encouraging prospective residents to apply for funding to other organisations before applying for funding to MPRA. This will help us to use our own limited resources more efficiently in supporting residents unable to secure funding from other sources.

We are constantly seeking sponsors and funders for our programme and will inform prospective candidates if any financial offer becomes available. MPRA staff will assist any applicant who wishes to apply for outside funding with any ‘in-kind-costings’ or administrative support.

Proposal (in English, in pdf format if possible) needs to include:
1. Documentation of selected works /a link to your website
2. Description of your residency project – i.e. how you would use time spent in Poznan, what would you like to achieve and what will be needed to make it happen (so we can help you to find right places, people, materials, etc.)
3. Artist’s statement
4. CV
5. Preferred time of residency

If you are interested in taking part in MPRA V4 Residency please send your proposal to Dobrochna Futro to d.futro@m-pra .org by 22 August 2011.

*The submitted materials will not be returned.