April 29, 2012 in Angelo Romano, Culture Centre Zamek, Residences 2012, Workshops

Among the guests invited to Poznań by Angelo Romano, a member of the MPRA residency programme, are Laura Kalauz and Martin Schick. The performance artists’ new project “CMMN SNS PRJCT”, which combines theatre and dance, will have its premiere in Poland.

Welcome to the world of “common sense”
Kalauz/Schick’s artistic activity centers around the presence and functions of a medium as a means to unite different worldviews and emotions. Their latest performance, received enthusiastically among others by the audience of Berlin Freischwimmer festiwal and the theatergoers of Oslo, Vienna and Buenos Aires, employs a comic convention of a commercial exchange to pose questions about everything generally called common sense (which inspired the show’s title). The artists, confronting the normal and the abnormal, point to the sphere which goes beyond social relations and the economic logic of profit. Their performance reaches the limits of its defining trait – fictionality, and evolves into a space for whimsical jokes, traders’ disputes and spontaneous reactions.

 “soft media”
The Swiss-Argentinian couple of perfomers offers in their show CMMN SNS PRJCT another vision of alternative forms of societal organization, an issue which Angelo Romano is researching during his residency in Poznań. Earlier, during an unconventional lecture, Daniel Kurjaković described the community depicted in Francois Truffaut’s film “Fahrenheit 451”.Opposing the dominating and omnipresent ideology, these people, through “soft media” such as the touch, a direct communication, the taste, and the smell, created a community which went beyond the dehumanizing regulations. The performance, revealing the limitations of the medium it represents, poses questions about the cooperation of art, economy and society.

Can the “soft media” in theater change the economic needs of our society?
More info on Kalauz/Schick’s English website.

Author of the text: Michał Kępski.
Photos: Zuzanna Szczerbińska.