Patrik Kovačovský: Recalling and Forgetting

August 12, 2012 in Opening, Patrik Kovačovský, Residences 2012, Workshops

Patrik Kovačovský

Recalling and Forgetting
Collaborative project for a solo exhibition. Curators: Mariusz Urban and Agata Walas.
Venue: Kolektyw 1a, ul. Św. Wojciech 1A, Poznań
Date: 16-30.08.2012; opening: 16 August 2012, 18:00

On 16 August at 6.00 PM, in Kolektyw 1a, Patrik Kovačovský will present the outcome of yet another workshop carried out during his stay in Poznan as a part of the International Artists in Residence Programme (MPRA). Kovačovský’s Recalling and Forgetting project is a result of collaboration with two Poznan graduates of Culture Studies – Mariusz Urban and Agata Walas.The project is carried out in the form of workshops. It assumes an active commitment to the visual and theoretical aspect of the presentation and provides a space for professional cooperation. The exhibition develops the idea of the memory of places and people who feel connected to them. It tackles the subject of memory storing and „disremembering”, recalling memories.

The exhibition consists of old black and white portrait photos, modified by the artist, and two iPad animations. Treating found footage as his base, the artist tampers with the images, adding foreign elements and infringing on the autonomy of the object which was registered by the camera.


Works: Patrik Kovačovský

Photography is regarded here as the origin of image-making, the factor which brings it out of the depths of memory, whose final effect may be different for each one of us, and altered by the passage of time.
The photographic image as a form of external memory is permanent, more infallible than the image in our brains, because it is subject neither to the erosion processes nor the supplementation ones. The layout of the exhibition is also essential. New media are confronted with the old ones, the classic paper photos are juxtaposed with iPad animations. The works presented at the exhibition are only a part of the memory-related project. It is to be continued with the artist’s further activities.

Patrik Kovačovský is a Slovak artist who came to Poznan in July 2012, invited by Stowarzyszenie  Nastawnia. He will stay in Poznan for three months, taking part in the International Artists in Residence Programme. He is a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, where he is the Head of the Sculpture in Architecture Studio. His works have been exhibited at several solo and group exhibitions, s as X Documenta in Kassel, Expo 2000 in Hannover and  2000 tFilm Biennale in Paris.