The final exhibition of the summer edition of MPRA

August 25, 2012 in Arsenał, Patrik Kovačovský, Presentations of artists, Veronika Tzekova

Final exhibition for the International Artist in Residence Programme’s summer edition
Patrik Kovačovský „Second Spaceˮ

Veronika Tzekova „CHAlleNGED Gamesˮ
12-23 September 2012, admission free

12 September 2012 (Wednesday), 6:00 PM – opening exhibition with Patrik Kovačovsky
22 September 2012 (Saturday) 6:00 PM – closing exhibition with z udziałem Veronika Tzekova
Venue: Galeria Miejska Arsenał, Poznań

This year in September, Galeria Miejska Arsenał hosts an exhibition of Patrik Kovačovski’s and Veronika Tzekova’s works. The event will sum up the artists’ residency projects performed as a part of the International Artists in Residence Programme in Poznan.Patrik Kovačovský is a Slovak artist who lives and works in Bratislava, where he is a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, and the Head of the Academy’s Sculpture in Architecture Studio. His works have been displayed on numerous individual and group exhibitions, including X Documenta in Kassel, Expo 2000 in Hannover and the Film Biennale in Paris.

Kovačovský‘s works explore the potential of visual communication and its development in art. The project’s aim is to create a network of relations between Polish and Slovak artists, curators and theoreticians, based on visual dialogue which contrasts various points of view and ways of communicating through the use artistic media.

During his three-month residency, Kovačovsky will hold a series of workshops targeted at young local artists. The exhibition will showcase the documentation of the projects as well as Patrik’s latet works created during his stay in Poznan.

Veronika Tzekova, „Gra bez GRAnicˮ, 2012

Veronika Tzekova is an artist, urban practitioner and creative strategist, with main practice in articulating and conceptualizing in the filed of fine arts, the broad spectrum of public spaces and urban imaginaries.

Veronika Tzekova graduated MFA from Dutch Art Institute (DAI), postgraduate interdisciplinary research in visual arts and media, Enschede, The Netherlands in 2001.
In 2004/2005 she takes part in „Transnational Spaces”, a postgraduate program by Bauhaus Foundation, Dessau, Germany.

Veronika Tzekova presented her projects and art works in solo and group exhibitions in Belgium, France, Slovenia, Luxemburg, Austria, Italy, Serbia, Germany, Turkey, The Netherlands, Greece, Slovakia, USA, Canada and Bulgaria.

During her three-month stay in Poznan, Veronika Tzekova develops her „CHAlleNGED Games” project, related to her earlier works and incorporating the urban spaces theme. „CHAlleNGED Games” are an artist’s take on play.

For Tzekova, play is not only a learning method for kids but a medium which reveals the forces at play in the real world, allows us to express our attitude and even transform our relations towards them. Hence the reflect everyday situations, common for many of her projects. From this point of view, „CHAllenGED Games” strive to find new meanings of games to create alternative models of thinking about our reality.

The exhibition will present the artist’s documentation of her Poznan projects and encourage the audience to take part in the game – an installation which enters into a dialogue with the gallery space.

International Artists in Residence Programme is organised by Stowarzyszenie Nastawnia.