We’re recruiting for the summer edition!

May 4, 2012 in Residences 2012

We are looking for interns and volunteers for two teams working on Patrik Kovačovski’s and Veronika Tzekova’s residencies.

The Management Team will work on planning and implementing the schedule of the residents’ stay in Poznań. The interns will be responsible for:
– establishing contact and coordinating the cooperation between the residents and the institutions which will host the artists’ lectures, workshops, performances, etc.,
– organising workshops, meetings, lectures and other events,
– organising the final exhibition,
– providing the residents with help in purchasing or renting materials necessary for their work and exhibition,
– introducing the resident into the studio/workshop (there is a possibility to assist the residents later during their stay should the artists agree),
– providing the residents with help in adapting to Poznań and getting to know local artistic life.

The Communication Team will work on scheduling and implementing a media campaign promoting, among other things, the residency programme, the residents, events scheduled for the residency, as well as on gathering funds for the programme. The interns will be responsible for:
– contact and cooperation with the media (radio, TV, the press, the Web, including social websites),
– designing and producing promotional material,
– distributing information brochures and posters, as well as other promotional materials, in person or via the Internet,
– documenting the residency (photo, films) and editing the documentation,
– procuring materials from galleries representing the artists and the artists themselves,
– digitalising the upcoming material,
– posting the upcoming material (in part or whole) on the MPRA website and archiving the posts.
We are also looking for volunteers interested in a more temporary cooperation, e.g.
– during the organisation and promotion of particular events,
– helping the residents to translate basic Polish phrases into English, German, Czech, Slovak, and the other way round, etc.

We seek:
– fluent English (other foreign languages will be an advantage),
– experience in people-oriented work,
– professional and responsible attitude to work,
– creativity and out-of-the-box thinking,
– independence,
– flexibility,
– teamwork and management skills,
– expertise in your field of interest.

We offer:
– references,
– experience in working for an international culutural organisation,
– experience in creating an exhibition and educational programme,
– an opportunity to work in a young and dynamic team,
– experience in telework and online project co-management,
-contact with contemporary art and artists from all over the world,
– opportunity to meet people from the international world of art,
– opportunity to initiate and implement independent projects related to your interests (compatible with the residency programme).

If you are interested, please send us your CV and a brief cover letter (including information on which aspects of the internship are particularly interesting to you and why) to

Please bear in mind that the recruitment process will be closed as soon as suitable candidates are found.