Report no. 1 (by Milan Loviška)

May 1, 2012 in Milan Loviška, Residences 2012, Resident's text, Workshops

Milan Loviška
May 2nd 2012, Poznań, Poland

It has been 7 months from my acceptation to the MPRA program and finally the time of my residency has begun. After these 7 long months of searching for funding and organizing, I arrived to Poznan on Monday April 9th by train from Vienna. The city impressed me at 1st glance. I have no idea what I was expecting, but for sure not this (whatever that is). I heard from many locals, that they would wish the city and the buildings to be cleaner and in a better shape, but I think that the actual state has much more charm and looks (if we exclude the fact, that a lot is under the construction because of the EURO 2012).

But first things first. The house I am living in is beautiful, close to the center and fortunately I share it with a great flatmate – Angelo Romano – the other resident, curator living in Zurich. So, we can spend a bit of our spare time discussing art, life and other bullshit together. Soon after arrival of both of us we organized a dinner for all MPRA people to meet them all at once. We managed to meet the most of them and got familiar with polish vodka.

I was lucky in choice of my coordinator – Karolina Rosiejka. She is a hard-working person with good management skills. Exactly what my work needs. Regarding my main goal – creation of the performance – I met with my collaborators, saw the space for the premiere, slowly started to rehearse and meanwhile MPRA succeeded to include it to the program of The Malta Festival 2012 in Poznan. In general, things are going well, but as always there are obstacles to be solved. On Friday May 4th the last collaborator – Otto Krause – is arriving and since next Monday we start to work on the piece in full speed. It is going to be a demanding but nourishing process and I hope we will be all able to take it to the successful end.

It is important to mention, that the workshop with people with intellectual and related disabilities from Stowarzyszenie Na Tak is already over and it went more than well. I was very looking forward to this event and it was 4 days full of superheroic movements, feelings, ideas and good work. The feedback was very positive and our time together made happy and content all of us. I hope that they will draw from this experience for a long time. I will for sure.

When it comes to socializing, there is not so much time and power to do so. As usual, satisfying are the few moments I have to walk around the city, think and listen to the music or to read the books related to the project in the shadow of my bed or in the spring sun outside. From few places I have visited so far, I enjoyed the most parties at the squat Rozbrat and in the electronic music club 8 bits.

But, the creation process is still ahead of us and its course will determine quality of this residency the most. To profit from this experience, we all must work the best we can, to be fully involved and dedicated, to live it and believe in it, to understand that we are not only creating a piece of art but a piece of reality around us and this reality should be significant. It is our human responsibility to take care of our living conditions and it is an artistic responsibility to approach art (and its audience) with all the same importance, professionalism and humbleness we have for life. After the hard and high quality work, I am sure there will be a strong feeling of satisfaction then. At the end, it is not only about the result, but more about the process itself.

Thank you very much and good luck to all of us.

Workshop with Stowarzyszenie NA TAK

Workshop with Stowarzyszenie NA TAK from Milan Loviška on Vimeo.