Patrik Kovačovský

Patrik Kovačovský is a Slovak artist who lives and works in Bratislava, where he is a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, and the Head of the Academy’s Sculpture in Architecture Studio. His works have been displayed on numerous individual and group exhibitions, including X Documenta in Kassel, Expo 2000 in Hannover and the Film Biennale in Paris.

The variety and complexity of Patrik Kovačovski’s art makes it difficult to pinpoint a definite direction in his artistic development. The themes and motifs of his works form unities which could be perceived as autonomous stages, sharing a very discreet common basis. This is in part the result of a wide range of forms used by Kovačovský. Ranging from photography to films, installation, collage, painting and sculpture, they reveal to the audience a multi-level narrative space, making the motifs of his works seem disconnected.
Collages with zeppelins majestically sailing through clouds „pasted” into urban landscapes, forms resembling engine elements, clearly defined relations within the works, and whole installations forming one living organism, hint at constructivism and are a poetic continuation of Tatlin’s concept. His works, which he himself calls neo-constructivist, display the influence of the Belgian artist Panamarenko, whose sculptures-machines are a contemporary form of the Icarus myth.

MPRA residency project

Patrik Kovačovski’s residency project will explore the potential of visual communication and its development in art. The project’s aim is to create a network of relations between Polish and Slovak artists, curators and theoreticians, based on visual dialogue which contrasts various points of view and ways of communicating through the use artistic media.
Since September 2011, Kovačovski has been giving lectures at the University in Prague about contemporary art featuring artists and theoreticians from the Visegrad countries (The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary) as well as artists from the Western European countries which collaborate with the Visegrad Group.
His stay in Poznan gives the artist a chance to get to know better the local art world and community, and expand his knowledge of Polish contemporary art. During his stay in Poznan, Kovačovski plans to form lasting contacts with members of the local art communities and create a video document presenting Polish contemporary art.
During his residency, the artist is going to collaborate with young curators and art. theoreticians on a curatorial project. He will also host workshops for artists, which will explore the phenomenon of parasitism, taking as an example the urban fabric as the host for the parasite – sculpture. The workshops will focus on the issues of urban space, art’s role and place within it and the relations between the art object and its audience.


Patrik Kovačovski finished the High School of Applied Arts in Bratislava, and graduated in Art of Glass and Sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. He worked at Gallery Medium in Bratislava, and lectured at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. Currently he is the Head of the Sculpture in Architecture Studio at the Academy..
Patrik’s individual exhibitions:

  • „A”, Petr Nikl a Patrik Kovacovsky, SOGA Gallery (Bratislava)
  • „Humming-Hučanie”, Galerie Die Aktualität des Schönen (Liberec, The Czech Republic)
  • „Stanovište”, Gallery Nova Síň (Prague, The Czech Republic)
  • „5 Days”, Photoport Gallery (Bratislava)
  • „Kosmos”, Klatovy Gallery (Klatovy, The Czech Republic)
  • „Flight”, At Home Gallery (Šamorín, Slovakia)
  • Nikl & Kovacovsky, André Breton House (Zurich, Switzerland)
  • „7”, Slovak National Museum (Slovakia)
  • „Swiss Child/Slovak Man”, Považská Gallery Žilina (Slovakia)

The artist’s group exihibitions:

  • „Maps”, Bratislava City Gallery – Mirbach Palace (Bratislava)
  • „The 15th Tallinn Print Triennial”, KUMU Art Museum of Estonia (Estonia)
  • „Echo Videotime 2010”, Moravian Gallery (Brno, The Czech Republic)
  • „Multiple choice”, Emmanuel Walderdorf Gallery (Cologne, Germany)
  • „Spätný chod/Reverse Thrust”, Dům národnostních menšin (Prague, The Czech Republic)
  •  „MODEL”, Bratislava City Gallery – Mirbach Palace (Bratislava)
  • „Labyrint světla” (Prague, The Czech Republic)

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