Peer-to-Peer review session

November 16, 2011 in Hannah Champion, Presentations of artists, Sinead B. Cashell


Galeria Miejska Arsenał

Wednesday, 16.November 2011, 6.00 PM

The session was attended by two November MPRA residents, Hannah Champion and Sinead B. Cashell, as well as Poznań-based artists, Joanna Tekla Woźniak and Mateusz Sadowski. The meeting was devoted to conversation, which hopefully provided a chance to get to know the artists’ works and projects.


She comes from Northern Ireland, but has worked all over the world, including Canada, Iceland, Chile, Uruguay, and China. Now Sinéad Bhreathnach-Cashell comes to Poznań.

Her works focus on the way we experience the space we live in, in particular the urban space. Invitig the residents of the cities she visits to get involved in her works, she shows how transforming the existing reality can be fun and how incomplete our normal perception of our surroundings is.

In Poznań, partly during the No Women No Art festival, she will show her works, including the Cardboard Cities project, which allows the participants to construct elements of urban architecture out of recyclable materials, and an installation using an optical illusion called Pepper’s Ghost, which shows how fragile our perception of forms in space can be.


Her works contrast various cultural representations of femininity, showing at the same time how oppressive and conventional they are. Her creative activity questions exisiting norms and searches for the often overlooked dominant/submissive relationships.

Her Poznań residency is for her an opportunity to compare Polish images of femininity with those ingrained in British and Scottish culture. The issue of the status of femininity in Polish culture and society will appear in various contexts during her whole stay, among others at a workshop for Poznań women organized in the National Museum and poster workshops, this time targeted also for children and their parents.

Her final exhibition summing up her artistic search will present a video and photo documentation. The artist will keep us up to date with her artistic and research activity on the MPRA’s weblog.


She is a graduate of, among others, the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. She graduated with honours from the Art Education Department in Art Criticism and Promotion and from the Multimedia Communication Department in Intermedia. She also studied in the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland, where she got a Master of Research in Creative Practices degree. She is a finalist of the Maria Dokowicz Competition for the best 2006 MA theses at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań, winning the Poznań Galeria ON’s award. From 2004 to 2005 she studied at the Dartington College of Arts in the UK as a Socrates-Erasmus student. In 2011 she was awarded an annual scholarship by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.
Joanna is an art critic and a popularizer and promoter of modern art, particularly new media art, participation practices and performances. She was the curator, organizer and coordinator of numerous curatorial exhibition projects. She promoted among others the works of Paulina Płachecka and Mateusz Sadowski, inviting the artists to participate in her projects, including an exhibition titled The Pursuit of Happiness/ W Poszukiwaniu Szczęścia in Galeria Miejska Arsenał in 2010, which she curated. She also writes text about modern art and culture. She organized and ran fine arts and art therapy workshops for children and adults. Her exhibitions were presented not only in Poland, but also in Germany, Scotland, and England.


His works concern photography, video, and the concept of the object. He was born in 1984. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań, where he has lived and worked.

His works focus on the clear tension between a sensual experience and an intellectual structure. Their distinct feature is the erotic component. He builds the ideas for his art on associations with nature, deriving his concepts from elements of the natural landscape.

He had both individual and group exhibitions, the former including Last Time with Dawid Misiorny, Galeria Wozownia, (Toruń 2010) „Fire”, Galeria Stereo (Poznań 2009), „Sensitivity”, Galeria Nova (Kraków 2009), and the latter „Samsung Art Master” (Warszawa 2010), „Transylvania” (Zielona Góra 2010), „I like all these pictures”, (Poznań 2009), „Light Fever” (Poznań 2008). In 2010, he won the Henkel Art Award Poland Grand Prize and Samsung Art Master 7 in CSW in the Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw.