Report no. 1 (by Milan Loviška)

May 1, 2012 in Milan Loviška, Residences 2012, Resident's text, Workshops

Milan Loviška
May 2nd 2012, Poznań, Poland

It has been 7 months from my acceptation to the MPRA program and finally the time of my residency has begun. After these 7 long months of searching for funding and organizing, I arrived to Poznan on Monday April 9th by train from Vienna. The city impressed me at 1st glance. I have no idea what I was expecting, but for sure not this (whatever that is). I heard from many locals, that they would wish the city and the buildings to be cleaner and in a better shape, but I think that the actual state has much more charm and looks (if we exclude the fact, that a lot is under the construction because of the EURO 2012). Read the rest of this entry →

Angelo Romano and Daniel Kurjaković – lecture in The National Museum

April 27, 2012 in Angelo Romano, National Museum in Poznan, Residences 2012, Workshops

During Angelo Romano’s workshops at the National Museum in Poznań, Daniel Kurjaković – swiss curator and writer, presented an unconventional lecture “Comunity, Simultanity, Transformation”. The unconventional element was not only Kurjaković’s inspiring contributions on the subject of art with relation to society, but also the medium. The lecture was transmitted via an instant messenger, a medium which has also been used in many of Angelo Romano’s exhibitions. Read the rest of this entry →