The Audience, the Performer, the Myth and the Sidekick

May 29, 2012 in Milan Loviška, UAM

For our Poznan residents, spring is a rather busy but very interesting time. On 16 May at 10.00 AM during the Students’ Culture Festival KULMINACJE at the campus of Adam Mickiewicz University’s Social Sciences Department our residents Milan Loviška and his collaborator, costume designer Otto Krause, met AMU students of Cultural Studies, Sociology, Psychology and Philosophy.

Milan, having graduated from the last two faculties, quickly found common ground with the participants. The meeting was carried out in the form of a discussion, revolving around the subjects of performance artists, desires, audience, and recipients. It started with a brief introduction, during which the participants watched two films documenting the artist’s former projects: „Re-S.A.L.E> (Sporty Animal – Loving Extrovert)” and „My art: Who’s Frank”, and found out what Milan and Otto’s work is about. This sparked off a lively debate. The participants discussed the nature of performance, argued about the role of the viewer, who is at the same time the recipient of the work of art, and considered the ideal form of performance art by exploring their own emotions and experiences. At some point, the meeting looked much like a psychotherapy session, whose subject (and patient) was performance art, taken apartdied and examined in details. What’s important, the division into the artists and the viewers was subverted. Everyone enjoyed an equal statusl, and the participants’ involvement led to some very interesting conclusions.


photo Zuzanna Szczerbińska