The Parasite. A workshop for artists

September 9, 2012 in Patrik Kovačovský, Workshops

Date: 10 September 2012
Venue: Galeria Raczej
Admission free, number of seats limited – registration on a first come first served basis.

Parasitism is a relationship between populations in which an individual of one species, the parasite, benefits at the expense of the representative of the other species, the host, exploiting it as a source of food and habitat Parasitism may take the form of an individual instance of deception or a more generalized exploitation which benefits the parasitic organism. Skilfully adapting to the host’s vital functions, the parasite usually affects negatively the existence and functioning of the host.

The aim of Patrik Kovačovsky’s workshops is to examine this type of relationship in view of the urban fabric as the host for a parasitic sculpture. Hence the workshops will revolve around the issues of urban space, the place and role of art within it and the relations between an art object and its recipients.

The workshops challenge the participants to collectively create a public space DIY installation. Its vital element are the participants’ ideas, the way they blend into the urban fabric and the influence the outcome has over public space users. The participants will take part in a sort of guerrilla action in the Poznan space,  bringing the object which will form parts of the installation and choosing the right place for their „parasite”.

The artist’s comments on the project:
The idea came as a result of my experiences from 1997-1999. Back then, I was a relatively young, upcoming sculptor and I struggled with the limited opportunity to exhibit my works in public space. Commissions for public space sculptures were (almost) always given to a chosen few experienced artist. Therefore, I had no other choice than to create public space projects which would to some extent fit into the existing architecture or become a part of the urban space, even if the space wasn’t originally designed to house sculptures. The works consisted mainly of perishable objects or sculptures which did not destroy the building or space in question. The rule then became an element of my projects, for example Disguised Star parasitizes on my installations and exhibitions.
The workshop will give young artists a possibility to create such parasitic sculptures, objects and installations in the space of Poznan. The choice of exhibiting space is extremely important. The works should be located in places to which the residents usually hardly pay attention in their everyday life/work/leisure. Sometimes these are places which, although invisible for the residents, attract tourists’ attention, since a tourist on the lookout for attractions pays attention to unusual and interesting places which other don’t appreciate.
The project will include a map of attractive places, hidden alleys and details. Since the workshops are time-limited, the participants will create 2D and 3D visualisations. The works will be presented as a video presentation.

Patrik Kovačovský is a Slovak artist. He lives and works in Bratislava, where he is a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design and the Head of the Sculpture in Architecture Studio. His works were exhibited at various solo and group exhibitions, including X Documenta in Kassel, Expo 2000 in Hannover and the Film Biennale 2000 in Paris.

Number of seats limited – registration on a first come first served basis. Please send your registration and questions to the project coordinators at:
Mariusz Urban:
Agata Walas.