Female/Male? Hannah Champion’s performance workshops at Galeria Raczej

November 20, 2011 in Hannah Champion, Residences 2011, Workshops

The eighteenth of November in the Gallery Rather Hannah Champion has again led the workshop in connection with his artistic residence Poznan. The meeting focused on the young artist, Poznan artists were the objects and the ways in which they are commonly seen by us. Brought by the participants of the objects by associating them with particular sexes have a starting point for discussion of gender in society and the impact of this concept in everyday life. Participants in support of their election tried to make the transformation brought items so that they lost their current context. Working with objects was completed joint discussion on the personal experiences of sex objects, which formed a kind of confirmation of the arguments put forward by the artist, speaking about that individual, ordinary objects are often distrusted by our masculine or feminine connotations. (KR)