Welcome to The Spatial Compositions performance

October 24, 2012 in Liliana Basarab

U-Bahn Antigone, Berlin, Month of Performance Art Berlin 2012, fot. Dan Safier

Friday, 23 November 2012, 17:00
Performance „Spatial Compositions”
Venue: Station, Poznan Główny, admission free

Das Ist Doch Keine Art! is a Berlin-based team of two artists, Magdalena Frankiewicz and Yael Sherill. The artists’ main focus is intervention into the urban fabric and exploration of the relationships between our everyday activities and the mental and emotional reception of our surroundings. Employing the aesthetics of game, they challenge the audience’s imagination and question an inattentive, unobserving approach to the urban space.

Das Ist Doch Keine Art!

During their stay in Poznan, the artists plan to show their performance „Spatial Compositions”, which opened in Berlin at the Zwieschenraum festival. The project will consist of three workshops and conclude with a performance. The workshops are open for the residents and aim to develop the participants’ creativity and improvisation techniques. Using their individual experiences and memories, the participants will work on their body language, create moving compositions and analyse innate social habits. During the closing public space intervention, the participants will have a chance to use their newly-acquired skills. The aim of the performance will be to approach the urban fabric in a new way, interacting not only with the space itself, but also with its residents.