Workshops for children

October 16, 2012 in Liliana Basarab, National Museum in Poznan, Workshops

On 21 October 2012 at 12.00 Liliana Basarab will hold workshops for school-aged children titled  „Abstract drawing – shapes and feelings”.
The workshops will be held at the National Museum in Poznan.
Admission included in the price of the museum gallery ticket.

The workshops will consist of four events developing the participants imagination and creativity.

During the first part, the participants try to draw the story told by the hostess with their eyes closed. After that, they sit in a circle and, again with their eyes closed, draw their own work. After a minute, will pass their sheet of paper to the person sitting next to them and whisper to them what object they have just drawn, so that the next person can continue the drawing.

In the following part, the participants choose one of the objects in the gallery and try to draw it looking only at the object, not at the paper. During the last part, the group will play the roles of painters and their models, so that each participant paints and is painted by someone. Each exercise will be followed by a short discussion break.

Liliana Basarab is a Rumania-born artist who currently lives and Works In Bucharest. Her work involves sculpture, multimedia, and video art, as well as performance and installation projects. During her residency in Poznan, the artist is working on a project titled „Cartography of sentimental meanings”, which will be based on research on the emotional geography of the city and its inhabitants.

The project forms a part of the artist’s contribution to the International Artists In Residence Program.

Project co-funded by: Poznan City Hall and the Government of the Wielkopolska Region.